Pitched brand and identity work for the peer-to-peer payment platform. This work leans on the ubiquitous use of emoji’s with the app to pay for “in real life” things. By bridging these two worlds the brand is both able to avoid copyright infringement and lay claim to an ownable brand style.

posters by me, some of the above IRL emojis by: Liza Nelson

*Venmo Colab Illustrations by: Tyler Spangler and Barbara Malagoli

FAQ Videos

These FAQ videos, also known as “Fantastically Answered Questions” would be part of an interactive marketing plan, where curious users of the Venmo platform could tweet in questions to be humorously answered by the Venmo personality. All answered questions would be created and responded to within one hour.

IOU Haiku
It can be awkward to ask for money owed to you from friends. This application would allow users of Venmo to write a haiku and send it to your friends with this text based video generator.