TrueCar is an automotive pricing and information website for car buyers and sellers. This is work from the one and a half years spent working on the in-house marketing team.

Annual Report

How it Works Video
This ad would be remarketed to potential TrueCar users that visited the site, but dropped off before they could configure their first car. With an eye towards millennial audiences, this video was meant to make the process of using TrueCar look fun and easy, while also being informative and persuasive.

Child Safety Infographic
Infographic blog post during child passenger safety week. The graphic shows the age recommendations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the type and direction of child safety seats, as well as safety tips for driving with kids. This piece was promoted via TrueCar’s social media channels and received high shares and engagement on Facebook

Broadcast TV GRFX
TrueCar TV spots that feature graphics that were designed to help in telling the story of how TrueCar can get you the right information. Graphic files and direction were then handed off to an animator and VFX artist to bring to life.


Brand Guidelines

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