Oblong Industries

Outputs from time as lead visual designer at Oblong Industires (Marketing). Many projects are the results of collaborations with Pete Hawkes , Lilian Bories, Eva Pogodina, Madjid Kouider and John Carpenter. Also migrated and managed oblong.com and various other sites in support of Oblong's flagship product, Mezzanine.


Today’s computing machines -- insanely fast, irrevocably networked, wired directly into most of the world’s infrastructure -- are highly capable. We humans have always been ridiculously capable, and remain worthy and valuable as we shape the future of work. But in this digital era we’re trying to squeeze our communication back and forth through a very un-capable language. One that had its last leap in 1984, with Apple’s graphical user interface. It’s time to upgrade the language. It’s time for a new UI.

— John Underkoffler
    CEO[former], Oblong Industries, IncNEW UI PAGE




VR Mezzanine